Hello everyone!

Okay, I have come to the realisation that making decent TDW web site updates has been very hard indeed. Not that I didn’t want to though! But I have just been swamped with all sorts of things that have been happening on many fronts which kind of put “updating this website” to the background.

So there have been many things happening in TDW world, but these just are not newsworthy yet, so I figured that for now, I should give you at least a summary of things that I have been involved in, to give you all an impression why it had been so silent. Here we go:

mindsoul_tstihb_webcoverFirst up, with Mind:Soul we released a live album l;ast month and that live album is now available on youtube for FREE(!!!) integrally on youtube!

We did this because we wanted to share our show and live experience with everyone, and what better way to do that, then give it away right? 😀 We might be crazy, but the only thing we ask of you is to share it with all the people you know to show them what we are about!

You can find the show below here:

resolve_waywardsanctuary_front_webAnd the second big thing I have been involved in, has been the release of the debut-album for ReSolve called Wayward Sanctuary.

ReSolve is a Progressive Metal band that I have been guiding along in their development so to speak. I produced this album and also made a music video for it to accompany their single “Pitch Black Eyes”. The album will be available from 10-10-2015 through Layered Reality Productions and the video for Pitch Black Eyes can be seen below. I strongly urge you all to check out this band as I think they have amazing potential and I think they really are making some amazing stuff!

And finally, next all that, I started a vlog with the TDW Vlog and that has taken much bigger proportions then I ever could have thought of when I started it. I am enjoying it thoroughly though, so I am definately not going to stop doing it any time soon.

The Vlog updates will basically come, whenever they come as it is a thing that I do on the side next to all my other things, but I try to make a new vlog every few weeks. :) You can check the latest episode below or the widget on the right side to see what the latest episode is and of course subscribe by using the button below that! 😀

So, if you combine all that with an extremely busy working month in October (multiple production jobs both for the studio and the label) and also me moving houses to a new studio, you might get the idea why this website wasn’t properly updated before.

I am planning on making new updates once new TDW news is there, so please be patient, because there will be TDW related developments coming up this year! It just all takes time and good things should not be rushed. :)

Thanks for your patience and support guys!

Greetings and all the best!
Tom (TDW)