TDW_yearanniversarycardWow… has it been a year already?!

Crazy how time flies then.

Today is special for me, as it is the first anniversary of “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To”! This record is something special to me, as it opened up many doors for me both musically and personally. It feels good to look back on a year’s worth of adventures that have either been fully or partially fired up by this release and all the work that has come along with it.

To celebrate this anniversary, we did not just adorn Bert the cat with a hat and a little party horn, but the Layered Reality Productions webstore is now offering the album for the special price of €10 till June 1st 2015! (Click the cover to order your copy now!)

TDW - Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To

So if you still don’t own a copy, now is the perfect time to get your own and get immersed into the album that has meant and still means a lot to me!

I am humble and grateful for the people that joined my side in making this record possible such as my then co-producer René Heimans for his invaluable assistance, my coverartist friend Maarten Gunsing who provided the album with a great atmosphere, Bianca & Marinda from B&M Crew who made awesome video’s for the songs and the people close to me such as my family and friends for supporting me in this adventure!

And of course, this record would not have become so awesome as it is now without the awesome guest musicians who contributed their own pieces of magic to the tracks. So thanks a million to Laura ten Voorde, Sander Stegeman, Rosita Reitsma, Elvya Dulcimer, Lennert Kemper, Sybren Boonstra, Michiel van der Werff, Norbert Veenbrink, Hanna van Gorcum, Tristan Visser, Joop de Rooij, Frank Schiphorst & Ben van Gastel for adding their awesomeness to this release!

The musical guests on Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To!

And if you guys/girls already have the record or if you can’t afford it now, feel free to share the news about this record and the music video’s to your heart’s content! It’s always appreciated!

Hope you are all doing well and until the next update!

Greetings and all the best,
Tom (TDW)

Get the physical edition of the new TDW album here:

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