• 22-09-2014 – Just a random update cause I felt like it!

    The writing writerHello ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

    Well, it has been somewhat of a slow newsmonth for TDW in September. Not that nothing was happening behind the scenes, but the album is out for a few months now and I am in the middle of promoting all that while also being the Mind:Soul frontman and doing 20 things besides that, so for ME life has been very eventful, but I can imagine it might have seem a bit quiet on the TDW front. ;)

    As you can see, there is no new video TDW video right now as we normally release those around the 20th of each month. However the next video is in the works and it will be released when it is ready. Sometimes making something really good just takes a bit longer then expected that’s all. ;)

    In the meantime, the album has been graced with many awesome reviews in the last couple of months and I could not resist to share a few quotes with all of you. I kept them in their original languages for novely purposes, here we go:


    L’opus est présenté comme un ouvrage indissociable, conçu comme une représentation symphonique. Atypique, “Music to stand around and feel awkward to” peut décevoir par sa douceur et son manque de guitares saturées.
    Pavillon 666 – Phil – 9 out of 10

    Strong, compact and sometimes quite complex songs with a good dosage of softness and especially heaviness make this album one that really deserves to be heard by fans of prog, symphonic and melodic metal. This man will get far in the prog scene, so make sure you don’t miss out!
    Livereviewer – Robert – 4.6 out of 5 Stars

    Wer Tom und seine Musik nicht kennt, liebe Leut, da bin ich konsequent, der hat schlicht und ergreifend gepennt… TDW hebt den Prog Metal auf Level 43!!!
    Ragazzi-Music.de – Frank

    “…as a whole this album works, so Tom and label Layered Reality Productions can be proud of this achievement and I have no problem recommending you go listen to this.”
    Your Music Blog – Peter

    “…Ik zit weer bijna te headbangen in de trein en dat is altijd een goed teken! Dit is geen Music To Stand Around and Feel Akward To maar Music To Headbang and Rock Your Butt Off To!
    Het is echt een geweldig vreemd eendje en limitid edition ook nog, want van het fysieke album zijn maar 300 stuks verkrijgbaar! Ik ga in elk geval mijn best doen om 1 van die 300 in mijn cd kast te krijgen.. dit is TE goed om te laten liggen!”

    Wings Of Death – Linda


    And of course there will be more reviews coming up in the near future so it is all great to see that people enjoy the record so much! That makes this hippy musician very proud!

    In the meantime, the gig season has started again and in this week I will be performing with MindSoul and with my good friends of ReSolve! I will perform with ReSolve this thursday at de Boerderij in Zoetermeer together with my Brazilian friends of Revengin!


    I will fill in as a guest vocalist with ReSolve for this one gig so that they can get out on stage again and show what they are working on. They are still searching for a fulltime singer BTW, so if you are interested, please visit their facebook page!

    And on the 27th (yes, two days later) I will perform with Mind:Soul and we will be playing a full-on rock show! This is our second time at Musicon, so we are planning to at least have an equal party as we had last time!

    To give you a party impression of last time, you can check out a youtube live clip from that gig here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hw7t8yx8RTc&index=4&list=PLb9KA1qT73gWQ9gS_9mh3T-Y-e5fYFr_u

    So a new video will follow in the coming weeks and if you are able to come out to the shows, please do so! Would love to meet up with you guys!

    Greetings and all the best!
    Tom (TDW)

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