Hey ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

I said last week that we would start this week with great news and well: here it is!

You can check this little vid to see what is happening, or read the text below, if you don’t like vids:

From now on, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc will be represented by a new booking agency that goes by the name of Audionative. This agency is run by Jonathan Teuwissen who is also Dreamwalkers Inc’s live sound tech. We are working hard on getting tourdates together for the promotion of the upcoming album “The Antithetic Affiliation” so exciting things are happening as we speak. As soon as we have dates fixed, you will be the first to know!

Next to this news, I can now finally announce some guest musicians that will be joining the already extensive group of musicians on the new TDW album!

Thomas Cochrane – Guitars, Trumpets & Trombones – One of the guests on the new TDW album!

First up, my friend and musical multitalent Thomas Cochrane (known for his work in Hologram Earth, Transient State, Vetrar Draugurinn & Ancient Rites) will provide his trumpet and trombone skills to the new TDW record. He provided a wonderfully eclectic yet epic sound to one of the TDW tracks and I can say that you should expect the unexpected! 😉

Tommy Talamanca - Guitar solo on the new TDW album!
Tommy Talamanca – Guitars & Synths – Another guest on the new TDW album!

And the second guest I want to announce, is someone that I admire quite a bit for his skills and songwriting. Mr Tommy Talamanca, who is known for his guitar/synth work in Sadist and for his own Nadir Music projects, has provided two amazing solo’s to one of the album epics that immediately lift it up to a whole new level! Trust me when I say that I lost my scheizze when I heard his contributions. IT WAS AWESOME!

So yeah, those are the updates I wanted to share for now. Hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

And if you liked the vid: feel free to share it with EVERYONE! 😀

Greetings from the Dreamwalker side!
Tom (TDW)