• 23-12-2014 – The final 2014 update!

    TDW - Picture from Hairforce Calender/TDW PhotoshootHello ladies- and gentledreamwalkers!

    Well, as promised I wanted to make one final newsvideo for all of you to close this crazy year of 2014 in a fitting manner! I will keep the talking here to a minimum. Just watch the vid and you will see! ;)

    I hope you all will have a great christmas/hannukah/whatever you celebrate and a safe years’ end!

    Hope to see you all in 2015!

    Festive greetings and all the best,
    Tom (TDW)

    PS: Once again I also want to thank the guys and girl from Symphoshop for getting my album on spot nr 21 in their top 25 best albums of 2014 along with discs like Pink Floyd’s album and others. I still think it is surreal, but thank you all so much!!! :D

    Get the physical edition of the new TDW album here:

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