Dreamwalkers Inc live @ Progpower Europe 2016 - Photo by Mattias Kirsch for The Prog Sphere

Hey Dreamwalkers!

After locking myself, Bert the cat and a small team of advisors away for a few weeks, I finally got back with this spiffy new website design! Woohoo, new stuff! IT'S SO SHINY!

I wanted to make the website more about all the things surrounding TDW and of course the band Dreamwalkers Inc is a very impotrant part of that, so that is why we went for the new look with big pictures of all the involved bandmembers! We hope you all like it!

Kudo's for the photography in these pics go to Kelly Thans, Mattias Kirsch and Conny Myrberg!

And if a new website isn't enough, today also marks the release of the first parts of the Progpower Europe 2016 vlog on the TDW vlog!

A playlist has been released featuring the first six bands of the vlog including two interviews as well! The playlist will evolve as more bands will be added over the next couple of weeks. Every band gets a seperate featurette to look at, so if your band of preference is not on there yet, don't worry, it will be added later.

You can check out the video below or click on the youtube link provided underneath the embed code:


Besides all these wonderful things, I have been involved in moving houses for the last two weeks, so updates will probably stay a bit sketchy, but I promise you, things are not standing still. Pretty much on the contrary, I would say. 😉

Thanks for your support and being patient!

Greetings and all the best, Tom (TDW) & The members of Dreamwalkers Inc