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Ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

The album has been out for a month now and as you can see from the lack of updates from our side, it has been downright crazy here! Crazy is good though, so we are not complaining. 😉

The album has been recieved well so far by both press and fans alike and more and more people are sending in their love regarding this piece of work. It really feels amazing!

TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc - Live at Fort33 - Photo by Kelly Thans Photography

Also we had our first gig on the 2nd of june 2017 in Fort33 and that first live metallic experience was indeed a lovely one. To celebrate the awesomeness of this night, we made a video for the song Aphrodisia that features live images from that night together with the album’s song. You can check it out below!

Be sure to follow TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc on all the social media channels, because more information regarding the live shows, album, new videos and more will also be shared there!

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Hope to see you all on the road in the future and feel free to spread the joy!

Tom (TDW)

The latest release

The Antithetic Affiliation

May 2017 | Layered Reality Productions

"The whole album pleases me. If you like even a bit of prog metal, this will please you, too. From the soaring epic bits to heavy riffing, from the subdued sections to the ripping solos, all covered in that melodic, progressive, symphonic gravy. Being thrown off your feet by the breaks and the sheer power of it all. It is more than a great album, it's a new benchmark for the world of prog metal."
(9/10 - Jerry van Kooten -

"‘The Antithetic Affiliation’ is his most ambitious work to date and he certainly doesn’t hold anything back. Intelligent songwriting and superb musicianship delivered by a talented cast has made this a musical experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon."
(Martin Hutchinson - Progradar)