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The Dirge video

The music video for our song "Dirge" is out now for everyone to see.

This is a short movie accompanied by the song from the last TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc album that details the life of a depressed invididual and how his mental state is influencing his decision-making and attitude to life. With the dark days of December, starkly contrasted by all the jolly spirits of the season, we figured that we wanted to contribute something emotional and direct as well.

A full analysis of the meaning of this video, can be found this link:

We do want to warn those of you who might be uncomfortable around graphic imagery and the subject of depression and self-harm for the contents of this video.
We want to thanks the following wonderful invididuals: Thami Joe Fischer for his acting skills, Kelly Thans for her camera work and co-directing awesomeness & Shoni Joseph for her makeup wizardry. You made this video work as well as it did now.
Our next live show

We are now heading into our small winter break with TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc., but we will be back in full force on the 10th of February 2018 at Podium Gorcum, together with the new progrock group Nicolas Joan!

This night we will do our full on prog-metal show again with the 8 piece mini orchestra that is our group, so be sure to join us for a night of Prog-partying and pleasantly coordinated chaos!

Mark those calendars! ;)

More gigs for 2018 will be announced in the coming months.

Here's the facebook event for you all:

Tickets can be bought here:

What the press says

The Antithetic Affiliation

May 2017 | Layered Reality Productions

"The whole album pleases me. If you like even a bit of prog metal, this will please you, too. From the soaring epic bits to heavy riffing, from the subdued sections to the ripping solos, all covered in that melodic, progressive, symphonic gravy. Being thrown off your feet by the breaks and the sheer power of it all. It is more than a great album, it's a new benchmark for the world of prog metal."
(9/10 - Jerry van Kooten -

"‘The Antithetic Affiliation’ is his most ambitious work to date and he certainly doesn’t hold anything back. Intelligent songwriting and superb musicianship delivered by a talented cast has made this a musical experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon."
(Martin Hutchinson - Progradar)

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