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Our next live show

Hear ye hear ye!

On the 18th of November 2017, Dreamwalkers Inc will take to the stage in de Mannenzaal in Amersfoort, to perform the new conceptual show "Clockstop". This show will be different for a multitude of reasons being:

- It will be an acoustic yet also an ambient show. Combining TDW songs with new soundscapes
- It will not feature live drums (Because Kenneth is not in the country then.) but will feature ambient beats and soundscapes instead. This will be a one off situation and an experiment of sorts.
- It will feature some brand new songs that have not been heard before on any album or in a live setting.

Also we have some great news, as we can announce that we have found a special musical act to join us on the 18th of November! The band Scarlet Stories will open the night with a set of their own brand of progressive dark music played in a stripped down acoustic version.

We were already excited for this night, but now there's even more reason for that!

So be sure to join us to get a glimpse of this special set! Get your tickets today, but be quick, they are limited. ;)

Tickets can be bought here:

What the press says

The Antithetic Affiliation

May 2017 | Layered Reality Productions

"The whole album pleases me. If you like even a bit of prog metal, this will please you, too. From the soaring epic bits to heavy riffing, from the subdued sections to the ripping solos, all covered in that melodic, progressive, symphonic gravy. Being thrown off your feet by the breaks and the sheer power of it all. It is more than a great album, it's a new benchmark for the world of prog metal."
(9/10 - Jerry van Kooten -

"‘The Antithetic Affiliation’ is his most ambitious work to date and he certainly doesn’t hold anything back. Intelligent songwriting and superb musicianship delivered by a talented cast has made this a musical experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon."
(Martin Hutchinson - Progradar)