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15th of May 2018 – New things! ALL THE NEW THINGS!

15th of May 2018 – New things! ALL THE NEW THINGS!

I wanted to post blog updates on Mondays… Then I got distracted by something important (read: shiny) yesterday. Though to be fair, it was worth it. 😉

Last week was a good week! Now, most of you guys and girls also know that I am also the main guy behind Layered reality Productions and on that front last week, some great news could be shared as another new band joined the label! This time it’s the experimental metalheads of IDEK. who basically make the type of music that combines groove with technicality and above all FUN! So much fun! These guys are a legitimate hoot and I think you should totally check out their video for the song “Approaching Storms”. It’s awesome!

Also it’s great to see my old musical brother Müşfik Can (Who used to be on stage with me with Mind:Soul) play bass with these guys and actually prehg-ing it the f*ck up again. Always good to see old friends rocking out in a good way. 😀

On the TDW front, work has for First Re-Draft keeps going on as we recorded more and more parts, including synths, vocals, violins and what not. This stuff is getting bigger and better with every step. Oh yeah, I can now also say that a new music video will launch next week for the song Happy Day! The video is almost completely done and I am now waiting for the master to be made so we can launch it! 😀 I was able to make a concept/live video for it with new artwork and live footage from our earlier gigs. So people can’t blame me for being lazy I would say. 😛

And then of course work for the studio The Imagineering Suite (my main income basically) is coming along nicely as well. I am working on some cool new website projects and there’s video and audio work in the pipeline that is also very exciting to me!

Though to be fair I am always open to new jobs on the audio, video and webdesign front, but that is not the purpose of this blog. 😉 (If you want to know more you can always check though. :P) #notanad #maybealittle #derp #herp

Oh yeah, the TDW tourshirts are still selling and more and more people are showing their bodies and headfaces in them! Fun! 😀

If you want one too, you can order it here:

Alright, that’s all for this week. Time to get back to work and get stuff done!

Greetings from the sweaty and hard-working side,
Tom (TDW)

PS: for the last couple of weeks it has been constantly HOT here in The Netherlands and honestly, I am not really built for that…
PPS: …Even my buttsweat has buttsweat now…
PPPS: …Send halp.

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