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What is TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc?

Is it just the acronym of the main writers’ name Tom de Wit? Is it just an ego project fueled by a “LOOK AT ME” motivation?
Is it musical therapy for a confused soul? Is it a totally meaningless art venture?

The name TDW and the associated band Dreamwalkers Inc stand for a philosophy that Tom has been trying to express since he was a very young age:

“Pure expression through multiple art forms; Scoring emotions by the day”

This description sounds vague, but it symbolizes the main attitude that is behind this project and its output. TDW is not just a band that makes music that fits in genre A or B and Dreamwalkers Inc is not just a live band playing rock shows. It’s a total musical and visual experience that strives to communicate emotion no matter what artistic vehicle is chosen to achieve that.

TDW was founded by Tom de Wit when he was 14 years old. As a self-thought, non experienced writer & musician, the chances of him succeeding at actually making something listenable/watchable were highly unlikely… If one thing, the career path of TDW has proven that perseverance and hard work pay off as a growing catalog of multiple well received albums and video productions have shown over the last couple of years.

Developing himself as a singer, multi-instrumentalist and producer in both video and audio, Tom used the TDW project as a way to expand his skills and his library of creations. The lyrics (also written by him) focus on the human psyche and emotions. Big themes as life and death are tackled next to subjects such as politics and sociological issues. All these subjects and themes come from Tom’s mind and heart, making each song an emotionally charged statement in itself. The music of TDW has been an ever-evolving and expanding musical journey. Metallic and aggressive sounds on one side are combined with melodic and sensitive sounds on the other. The clash between these musical worlds creates a sound that sounds pleasantly familiar, yet new and adventurous.

Since 2016 Tom has surrounded himself with a host of band members to perform his music live. This band is entitled Dreamwalkers Inc. Tom wanted to have a big band around him to perform the music in exactly the way he saw it in his mind’s eye. The band reflects the way the music is written and made as this is not just a metal band, but a band that can both play intimate, sensitive acoustic sets as well as full blown metal shows with all canons blazing. So far the band has performed a hand full of gigs, but these include a debut gig at Prog Power as well as an album release show that showed an energetic live band with the intent to create an experience that is both diverse & entertaining, as well as layered & thought provoking.

So perhaps it is due to finally answer the question: What is TDW?

Well, it just IS what it is. And you can come along for the ride if you want to!

Dreamwalkers Inc Members:
Tom de Wit – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Synths
Hanna van Gorcum – Violin, Vocals
Lennert Kemper – Guitar, Vocals
Norbert Veenbrink – Guitar
Joey Klerkx – Guitar, Vocals
Vincent Reuling – Synths, Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass
Kenneth Martens – Drums

TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc - Progressive, Symphonic Metal from the Netherlands