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The name TDW is the acronym under which Dutch musician and content creator Tom de Wit creates and releases his work into the world.

Tom is an active musician who has a career in the progressive and symphonic metal genre. Tom is also a vlogger and creative person who works in his own studio and who likes working on creative projects in a wide variety of styles and shapes.

Tom has released self-written and produced music under the TDW name since 2004. He is a composer, singer and multi-instrumentalist whose music can be described as a blend of 70′s Prog Rock, Symphonic music and Year ’00 Metal.

The lyrics focus on the human psyche and emotions. Big themes as life and death are tackled next to subjects such as politics and sociological issues. All these subjects and themes come from Tom’s mind and heart, making each song an emotionally charged statement in itself. The music of TDW has been an ever-evolving and expanding musical journey. Metallic and aggressive sounds on one side are combined with melodic and sensitive sounds on the other. The clash between these musical worlds creates a sound that sounds pleasantly familiar, yet new and adventurous.

Dreamwalkers Inc

Dreamwalkers Inc Members:
Tom de Wit – Vocals, Rhythm Guitars, Synths
Hanna van Gorcum – Violin, Vocals
Lennert Kemper – Guitar, Vocals
Norbert Veenbrink – Guitar
Joey Klerkx – Guitar, Vocals
Vincent Reuling – Synths, Vocals
Peter den Bakker – Bass
Kenneth Martens – Drums

Dreamwalker’s Inc is not just any band. It’s not just a group of people performing music for the purpose of just doing that. Dreamwalker’s inc is a group of musicians that have been selected by Tom to perform the TDW material and to help him in creating the live show experiences that he wants to bring across with this music and the stories he tells.

This band is not just a standard line-up consisting of the standard metal band setup, but it can morph into many different shapes dependent on the situation. So if a show is acoustic, or electric there might just be a totally different line-up on stage performing the show.

This band is a project based situation in which each bandmember is selected in relation to what a song and/or show needs, to work in the best way possible. Tom is (like on the TDW albums) the only constant factor in Dreamwalkers Inc and the line-up of this band can change when needed. However, change is not a requirement. If a line-up works, it works. That is what matters the most in the end.