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11th of June 2018 – The Mechanics of Pride

“It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels” (St Augustine – 345 – 430)

Click on the image above to see the aftermovie of Hillsphere’s show at Sugar Factory done on the 8th of June 2018. It’s worth it, trust me. 😉 Or start reading below here:

I have a love/hate relationship with the emotion and mechanics of pride. Most of the time I consider pride nothing more than a sense of vanity: A validation that one apparently craves and wants to show to “the others” to say “Look at me! I am awesome and you should think so too!”… It’s not often a coincidence that this form of pride is spouted by those who are the most insecure about themselves… Needless to say, this is not exactly the type of emotion I would want to associate myself with.

I also often consider pride to be a bad guiding element. Many great mistakes and fatal misjudgments were made in the name of “pride” by people who thought they “did not need help” or “who could do everything by themselves without guidance or advice”. The stories are plentiful, yet, people don’t seem to notice and/or learn from it.

Now I am not saying that being autonomous is a bad thing (I mean, autonomy is the bane of my existence in life these days and it brought me to where I am in life now.) but pride, can be the one thing to stifle autonomy and turn it upside down. It’s pride that blinds people for advice from the outside that could benefit them, just to name one example…

And I am not saying you should not “take pride in” something either. I am proud of my work and my music because of the blood, sweat and tears that went into creating all those things. These things are here now and they will not be taken away from me. That simple fact can fill me with joy and a small ego boost at times. But does that mean I am always proud of myself? Always filled with pride and always glowing with an arrogant sense of self proclaiming “I CAN DO ALL THE THINGS?!” … Nope, it’s more like the opposite. But the source of that is too complex to explain here now.

So then the question is: Is there a positive version of pride? Why would I make this introduction about pride in this post? Where am I leading this too?

Well, last Friday (08-06) I had one of those few instances in which pride actually was a positive emotion and mindset. This happened when I saw the guys from Hillsphere play their album release show at the SugarFactory in Amsterdam. They released their album through my own label Layered Reality Productions earlier in May and they could now finally “play it to the world”. On that stage I saw a band of young, talented and passionate young men playing music they loved the most with a fire that is inspiring and above all a joy to behold.

Seeing this spectacle before me, filled me with pride and a sense of accomplishment.

Why? Because in this very same venue in 2015, I saw this band (with a radically different line-up though) performing in the small room next to this big one and I saw something legitimately awesome in their performance and their music. I knew from the get go that I wanted to sign these guys, because I knew their music had potential and deserved to be heard. I was glad they felt equally positive about my offer and our working relationship became a good one ever since. My pride did not just stem from “Me doing stuff for them and being proud of that” but actually being proud of them as a band for persevering and creating something as intense and unique as this show turned out to be.

My feeling of pride suddenly became something outside of myself and a way to say “I am proud of you guys!” like it was a gift to give. That strong sense of being happy and proud of and for them, made me tear up near the end of their gig. I was legitimately touched by what they put on display and it once again reinforced that I signed a band that has potential and is a force to be reckoned with. Of course this also is to my own advantage as a business-man and such, but I mostly noticed that the emotional response from me personally was the strongest. I was able to help these guys in their adventure… And I hope I can do that many more times.

So as a conclusion, I can say that pride in itself is still something I am not the greatest fan of (as it is mostly distributed to those who in my opinion, are not deserving of it or are using it wrong…) but in this occasion I let the pride flow in. And it felt really good. And after the show I hugged Elias (the bands’ main composer and the one member that went through it all) and told him that I was very proud of him and loved them all for their work. I gave a bit of my pride to him … And it felt fantastic!

28th of May 2018 – Finally: A facebook hype that I actually approve of.

Your face is a facebook hype! (Me – Me)

So most of you might know that I am both personally and business-wise active on social media (Mostly Facebook and Instagram and sometimes twitter if I don’t forget!) and I have been on those pages for quite a while now. I tend to see the whole social media thing as a great way to communicate with people I like and that live too far away to just hang out with for real, but also a great way to spread the word about the things I make. (Being music, video’s, websites and whatever else) Granted, social media is as much a reflection of the world as the internet is (Ergo: It ain’t pretty at times) but overall I am pretty positive towards it.

However, I tend to have a pretty firm stance on “hypes” that go around on the social pages like “Share this if you think…” or “share this to show you care” or the ever illustrious “If you don’t share this you are…” posts that bring a great emotional and social pressure along with them that apparently a considerable amount of people are not able to withstand…

My regular stance towards these things can be described as a ten foot high middle finger made out of concrete, glazed with a sense of amused apathy and a mountain of “I hope that the one sharing it and emotionally blackmailing me will die lonely” on the side. However, sometimes a hype goes around on the socials that I DO approve of which is done on a grand scale and in this case it involves the “10 DAY ALBUM CHALLENGE”!

Talking and writing about music is always lovely, so I went out and wrote 10 mini-reviews/rants about 10 albums that I love dearly, to describe WHY these records meant so much to me. I figured this would also be good blog material and such, so I will now share my selection of records here to at least give you guys an impression of what inspired me.

The descriptions are added below for your convenience. Short, sweet, yet enough info to make a point. (Or so I hope.)

Hope y’all will enjoy it! Meanwhile, I will get back to working on the new TDW stuff that is coming, which is still a work in progress but which is shaping up nicely! Cheers!

Tom (TDW)

10 – Between The Buried And Me – The Great Misdirect
My first pick is this insane album by Between The Buried And Me. The song Swim To The Moon is basically progressive music porn and warrants the full price of admission. I hope I can ever see them perform that live once. (a man can dream!) And yes…. I like this one MUUUUUCH better than colors. Fight me. 😛

9 – Frank Zappa – Does Humor Belong In Music
The 2nd album to be posted is a live recording of Frank Zappa’s 80’s liveband performing a set which I can only describe as friggin’ insane. It was a tough call between this one “Joe’s Garage” and “Tinseltown Rebellion”, but I just had to pick this one for the balanced setlist that ranges from hardrock satire to jazz-avantgarde extravaganza’s and everything in between. 😉
I can only answer the title’s question by saying: YES

8 – Genesis – Selling England By The Pound
The 3rd album to be posted had to be a Genesis album for obvious inspirational reasons. To be fair, I was doubting between this and Nursery Cryme, but that one is a tad less consistent than this offering in my opinion. Dancing with the moonlit knight alone is worth the price of admission and then it’s only just starting! Great album. A classic for a reason.

7 – Protest The Hero – Fortress
The 4th album on this list is in my opinion one of the prime releases in the Math Core/Metal genre with a guy that can sing in ways I wish I could. Damn, my voice for being lower. 😛 I remember the first time I heard “Sequoia Throne” and thinking… “Okay, I might as well just stop making music now. These guys basically put ALL THE GOOD THINGS in their songs” 😛 YAY! CHAOTIC TECHNICAL NOISE STUFF!

6 – Pain of Salvation – The Perfect Element, Part 1
Day 5. We are now entering the records that shaped me as a composer, writer and singer. This record is one of those albums that helped me with all those things. It’s a record that (to me at least) invokes waves of melancholy, sadness, anger but above all loneliness… And that is what makes it perfectly beautiful in my opinion. Also (probably not so) fun fact: If you want to see Tom cry over beauty, let this band play The Perfect Element live. Halfway through I will have tears streaming down my face and loving it. Not ashamed at all. 😉 One of the first records that made me feel things this deeply. Not for everyone perhaps, but I am thankful this exists.

5 – Porcupine Tree – Deadwing
Arriviiiiiiiiiiiiing somewhere…. but not heeeeeeeeere. *has goosebumps even thinking about the darn song* This album is a masterpiece hybrid of progrock with metal, ambient and pop overtones. Inspirational stuff to the max! 😀

4 –Tool – Aenima
PRYING OPEN MY THIRD EYE! … PRYING OPEN MY THIRD EYE! … Yes I know Tool has become somewhat over-idolized over the years and I am just as annoyed by the people who think they are the “best-thing-since-sliced-bread-ever” (seriously, but that does not detract from the fact that this very album has inspired me in ALL THE CREATIVE WAYS. Especially songs like Stinkfist, Hooker with a Penis and the epic title track (“Fuck L Ron Hubbard and Fuck all his clones. Fuck all these gun toting hip gangster wannabe’s!”) give me rushes of adrenaline every time and the rhythms on this album are always great inspirational fuel if my drumparts are lacking. 😉

3 – Symphony X – The Divine Wings of Tragedy
I know, I missed a day yesterday. But that had to do with the new TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc. vid that was launched through BlankTV and such. So now I am back at the old album challenge again. To be fair, it was the “V – The New Mythology Suite” album that got me into prog metal, but I want to nominate this Symphony X record because for me it feels like this album is the blueprint for basically all symphonic, melodic progressive metal from the 90’s in a way. Tracks like “Of Sins and Shadows”, “The Accolade” and the epic title track prove (to me at least) that Symphony X understood the magical mix were truly great melodies, metallic intensity and neo-classical music found one another. My only criticism is that Symphony X is apparently not interested in playing this material anymore and that makes me sad. I would pay good money to see them play a set with just material from this album and the two albums that followed and I think I am not alone in that respect.However, the music and the album stay for repeated listening sessions fortunately, so I can just play this over and over. And I am grateful for that!

2 – Pink Floyd – Wish You Were Here
There is a reason this artwork is hanging on my livingroom wall… A big reason. How many bands are able to invoke goosebumps by just playing four notes? I don’t know many of them, but by golly, the opening guitar notes of Shine On You Crazy Diamond hit me in ALL THE SPECIAL PLACES. Debates about the best Pink Floyd album are in my opinion kind of useless as everyone of their records has redeeming qualities and both good and bad songs, so this choice is purely made on my emotional resonance. This album carried me through quite some dark periods in my life, fighting both my brain and my body itself, so that’s why this will always have a place.

1 – Dream Theater – Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
And here is the big one. The album that I can listen to over and over again on repeat and not get bored with. I have fallen out of love with Dream Theater over the last couple of years for a multitude of reasons I will not get into now, but I can say that this album is (in my humble opinion) their seminal work and one of the prime examples of “How to Prog Metal right”. Especially the magnificent title track that deals with the lives of six deranged individuals with their mental struggles resonated with me when I first heard it and still resonates with me to this day. It felt like a band finally put to words what I had been feeling for the longest time. Thank you DT for writing this album and giving me comfort when I needed it. 🙂

24th of May 2018 – All the stuff that happened this week

But where is the ambiguity? ..It’s over there in a box! (John Cleese – Monty Python)

A thursday blog post for a good reason as today we (finally!) have launched our new vid for the song Happy Day through BlankTV!

It’s really cool to see that a channel that started as a haven for Punk music has branched out to many more styles and also is now embracing the kind of stuff we make in the way they do!

Also, this week was a tad quiet on the TDW front because external work has mostly been consuming my time. However that doesn’t mean nothing happened at all, as I did work on writing down more lyrics for the Facebook and website lyric/photography project, while arranging stuff for future gigs. We will announce some gigs in the coming days actually, so be sure to keep those eyeballs open for that!

So I can say there is never a dull moment here. It’s just that some things aren’t really… exciting enough to share I guess. 😛

Anyway, stay tuned for more cool stuff that’s coming next week!

Tom (TDW)

15th of May 2018 – New things! ALL THE NEW THINGS!

I wanted to post blog updates on Mondays… Then I got distracted by something important (read: shiny) yesterday. Though to be fair, it was worth it. 😉

Last week was a good week! Now, most of you guys and girls also know that I am also the main guy behind Layered reality Productions and on that front last week, some great news could be shared as another new band joined the label! This time it’s the experimental metalheads of IDEK. who basically make the type of music that combines groove with technicality and above all FUN! So much fun! These guys are a legitimate hoot and I think you should totally check out their video for the song “Approaching Storms”. It’s awesome!

Also it’s great to see my old musical brother Müşfik Can (Who used to be on stage with me with Mind:Soul) play bass with these guys and actually prehg-ing it the f*ck up again. Always good to see old friends rocking out in a good way. 😀

On the TDW front, work has for First Re-Draft keeps going on as we recorded more and more parts, including synths, vocals, violins and what not. This stuff is getting bigger and better with every step. Oh yeah, I can now also say that a new music video will launch next week for the song Happy Day! The video is almost completely done and I am now waiting for the master to be made so we can launch it! 😀 I was able to make a concept/live video for it with new artwork and live footage from our earlier gigs. So people can’t blame me for being lazy I would say. 😛

And then of course work for the studio The Imagineering Suite (my main income basically) is coming along nicely as well. I am working on some cool new website projects and there’s video and audio work in the pipeline that is also very exciting to me!

Though to be fair I am always open to new jobs on the audio, video and webdesign front, but that is not the purpose of this blog. 😉 (If you want to know more you can always check though. :P) #notanad #maybealittle #derp #herp

Oh yeah, the TDW tourshirts are still selling and more and more people are showing their bodies and headfaces in them! Fun! 😀

If you want one too, you can order it here:

Alright, that’s all for this week. Time to get back to work and get stuff done!

Greetings from the sweaty and hard-working side,
Tom (TDW)

PS: for the last couple of weeks it has been constantly HOT here in The Netherlands and honestly, I am not really built for that…
PPS: …Even my buttsweat has buttsweat now…
PPPS: …Send halp.

7th of May 2018 – Look ma, I got back to writing again…

So… A challenge it is!

It’s been a while since I wrote ramblings, but I figured this would be a good new challenge for me. Actually force myself to write something every week to keep the writing muscles active. I know that with my stream of music, video’s and whatever I make lately, the written word tends to get buried as a priority, so I decided to use this page on this here website as a new creative outlet of sorts. So yeah, if you are here reading it, here’s to the start of a new adventure!

I want to set one goal: and that is to update this page once a week with whatever I consider worthy of adding. This will mostly be TDW related stuff, but knowing how my brain works, it will probably be random as fuck.

My most pressing priority right now is working on First Re-Draft for this year. We are working on re-recording and revamping the songs from 2011 with the members of Dreamwalkers Inc and it is really getting to new and exciting places! Also it is with great joy that I got to work with new people like Kelly Thans and having people sing that didn’t sing before like DWI’s Joey Klerkx!

Yesterday I was working on the mix for Happy Day for example (Probably the first track to hit youtube for you all to enjoy somewhere in the coming weeks!) and especially when listening to all the solo’s, vocal parts added, the choirs etc I once again discovered how blessed I am to be surrounded by awesome musicians that can make the music I hear in my head even better! (and yes, Lenny, that also includes our search for the proper solo guitar tone! I am happy we did that as well! 😛 )

Also recently, I had the pleasure to be interviewed by the smart, talented and funny Merel Mooistra for her youtube channel. The 3 hour(!!!) interview is now available online for everyone to hear. It is however in Dutch, so if you can’t understand a word of it… Well, you can still watch us talking in gibberish? 😛

Anyway, that’s it for this first entry, here’s to hoping I can actually follow through on the next post. Bye!

(The Dream Walker)

“Why would you make a video like this?”

Well, that isn’t an easy question to answer, so my apologies if this description is going to be wordy as fuck.

The most vital matter that instigated the making of this video, came to me when the news reached me of the suicides of both Chester Bennington and Chris Cornell in the first half of 2017. It’s not that I was a mega fan of both singers or that I was particularly moved by the situations in itself (although I think that every loss of life is one too many and deserves to be recognized and mourned for.), but it was a strange underlining to a thought I had more and more in the last couple of years… A thought that was sparked the first time in 2014 when the great comedian and one of my all-time heroes Robin Williams committed suicide as well…

Depression has become a “common illness” among people of all generations these days. In my direct life alone, I know multiple individuals that either have suffered or are suffering through a state of depression at this moment. I don’t know if the numbers actually increased or that depression in this day and age of open communication is more visible, but it has become a more prominent subject in my life lately with more occurrences popping up.

I myself have been hit by the beast known as depression as well, so the topic in itself and the byproduct of it growing so big that thinking about ending life just to “not feel pain anymore” or “not to be in people’s way anymore”, has been one that has been on my shoulders figuratively for many years. Yet, I never felt that I had the right to say anything about it or do something with it, because …

Why would anyone listen? What’s the point? Who do I think I am, to say anything about this subject? …

These questions symbolize one of the prime problems with depression and low self esteem: Feeling worthless and feeling like a waste of space and oxygen, therefore not telling anyone that you are feeling the way you do…

I never made a secret out of being a highly sensitive person (or HSP for short.) and the struggles that came along with that in my life. (I dedicated my first album “The Haunts” to that integrally for example.) Living without an emotional filter and constantly having to translate impulses and situations in your brain while they seem to be projected at you with warpspeed and through a megaphone, definitely isn’t a prospect you would want to wish on anyone. But this darker side of it, was something I didn’t feel like elaborating on too much.

‘Till something changed for me, by pure luck…

If we rewind to 2015 when I started writing the last TDW album, the song Dirge was something that kind of came into its own by pure luck. I was in a sad mindset and started playing guitar to perhaps unwind some of my thoughts. The main guitar riff and the chords for the chorus, came out in about 5 minutes and I knew that I had to record it not to forget it. I recorded it and the words wrote themselves as I was singing to it. I knew the song “worked” and I felt better after creating it, because it felt like I had let go of something. Something that apparently was much bigger than I thought it was. The song became a part of the new album and that was that.

People however kept asking me what the song was really about and why the funeral imagery of a dirge was implemented so clearly… I couldn’t answer the question fully, but could only say that it “felt right” as sometimes is the case when making art. Also I felt that I did not want to over-explain the song and just let it be what it is.

However, when the news of the earlier mentioned suicides hit me, something clicked in my head… I knew what Dirge was about suddenly… It was about my struggle with depression and feeling worthless and non-contributing to either society or anyone else’s life whatsoever… It didn’t matter if that was the actual reality or not. This was what I felt and what apparently had to get out of my system to heal. That was a rude wake up call, but a much needed one.

The deaths of these well known and loved characters and also the experiences I have been through with the people around me for the last couple of years, have proven a few solid facts to me regarding depression:

– It doesn’t discriminate. It can happen to EVERYONE, no matter how successful, rich or perfect your life seems to be.
– It’s vicious and will attack when you are most vulnerable and alone.
– It’s not always visible to the outside world and for a depressed person, seeking help is one of the hardest things ever.
– There is not always rhyme or reason to it. Things can seem to go right, yet you can still feel completely hopeless and useless, because this phenomenon makes you feel like that…

If you suffer, you suffer and it should be taken seriously, because it truly is the loneliest feeling in the world to suffer through periods like these on your own. The resulting stream of thoughts that came from this “epiphany”, shaped the video that you can watch now.

The video in this case represents the final phase in which the main character has given up, is not able to fight his emotions anymore and thus chooses the most horrible way out… This doesn’t happen because he wants to, but because his desperation and loneliness have gotten the better of him. Depression clouds your judgment and truly makes you see the world in a very endless grey haze indeed.

“But what about the ghosts then?” Someone asked me after watching the videos first cut.

The ghosts you see in the video are not just ‘dead people for a shock effect’, but they are actually the loved ones standing on the sidelines seeing someone they love dearly destroy himself, unable to do anything. It’s like wanting to help, but being a ghost and thus not being ‘really there’ to physically make a change to someone’s life…

Depression does not just hurt the ones going through it. It also hurts those around them because they often feel like they can’t get to the core of the depressed person and provide the help needed. It’s this situation that makes depression a very sickening reality indeed. Someone else cannot take the steps to help and/or counseling for you when you are depressed… But the thought of not being good enough, important enough and/or relevant to anyone to even be worthy of help, will block that help initiative for the one suffering from it…

So…Why did I make this video?

The simple answer could be “naïve idealism” combined with an urge to let go of this subject and do something constructive with it.

If this video perhaps sparks some conversation or maybe even makes someone wake up and think “Maybe I should search for help to not end up like this”, it would make me a very grateful person. However, visual media and music are all multi interpretable so perhaps someone else sees something radically different in this video. And that is fine too. Everyone should be able to relate to art in their own way without being obstructed by the creators’ view. Which is why I wasn’t sure if I wanted to write this piece in the first place… However, perhaps the video plus these words, might make you think about things you didn’t consider before and if that is the case: I am happy to have contributed something.

Thanks for taking the time to read this and even though the subject matter and execution turned out as dark and intense as it was, I still hope you will be able to experience the video for what it is.

Love and best wishes for all of you,
Tom (TDW)

Ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

The album has been out for a month now and as you can see from the lack of updates from our side, it has been downright crazy here! Crazy is good though, so we are not complaining. 😉

The album has been recieved well so far by both press and fans alike and more and more people are sending in their love regarding this piece of work. It really feels amazing!

TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc - Live at Fort33 - Photo by Kelly Thans Photography

Also we had our first gig on the 2nd of june 2017 in Fort33 and that first live metallic experience was indeed a lovely one. To celebrate the awesomeness of this night, we made a video for the song Aphrodisia that features live images from that night together with the album’s song. You can check it out below!

Be sure to follow TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc on all the social media channels, because more information regarding the live shows, album, new videos and more will also be shared there!

You can find us on social media here:

Hope to see you all on the road in the future and feel free to spread the joy!

Tom (TDW)

Ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

Today is the day we can finally reveal the artwork for the new album for all of you, behold:

TDW - The Antithetic Affiliation - Official Front Cover

The album cover was made once again by Maarten Gunsing who translated my musical visions for the album into one striking image. Thanks a million man!

And here is the full album tracklist for all of you:

The Cynic – The Dark disc

1: Monolith – The Descent (7:20)
2: Aphrodisia (8:21)
3: Dirge (4:41)
4: Lest We Forget (23:16)

The Idealist – The Light Disc

1: The More We Remember (22:39)
2: Anthem (6:38)
3: Lovesong (4:39)
4: Monolith – The Ascent (7:20)

Bonus DVD

An Acoustic Night At The Chapel (Live at PPE 2016)

More information about the packaging and releasedate will follow in the coming weeks!

And finally, be sure to mark your calendars for the release show for the new album that is coming on the 2nd of June 2017 at Fort33 in Leusden! This will be the electric debut-gig for the band and it will become quite the spectacle to behold. And the special guests on the night will be The Aurora Project and Hillsphere, so that will make the whole experience even bigger and better! Hope to see you all there on that night!

Get your tickets here today!

Hey ladies and gentle-dreamwalkers!

I said last week that we would start this week with great news and well: here it is!

You can check this little vid to see what is happening, or read the text below, if you don’t like vids:

From now on, TDW & Dreamwalkers Inc will be represented by a new booking agency that goes by the name of Audionative. This agency is run by Jonathan Teuwissen who is also Dreamwalkers Inc’s live sound tech. We are working hard on getting tourdates together for the promotion of the upcoming album “The Antithetic Affiliation” so exciting things are happening as we speak. As soon as we have dates fixed, you will be the first to know!

Next to this news, I can now finally announce some guest musicians that will be joining the already extensive group of musicians on the new TDW album!

Thomas Cochrane – Guitars, Trumpets & Trombones – One of the guests on the new TDW album!

First up, my friend and musical multitalent Thomas Cochrane (known for his work in Hologram Earth, Transient State, Vetrar Draugurinn & Ancient Rites) will provide his trumpet and trombone skills to the new TDW record. He provided a wonderfully eclectic yet epic sound to one of the TDW tracks and I can say that you should expect the unexpected! 😉

Tommy Talamanca - Guitar solo on the new TDW album!
Tommy Talamanca – Guitars & Synths – Another guest on the new TDW album!

And the second guest I want to announce, is someone that I admire quite a bit for his skills and songwriting. Mr Tommy Talamanca, who is known for his guitar/synth work in Sadist and for his own Nadir Music projects, has provided two amazing solo’s to one of the album epics that immediately lift it up to a whole new level! Trust me when I say that I lost my scheizze when I heard his contributions. IT WAS AWESOME!

So yeah, those are the updates I wanted to share for now. Hope you guys are just as excited as I am!

And if you liked the vid: feel free to share it with EVERYONE! 😀

Greetings from the Dreamwalker side!
Tom (TDW)

Hey there Dreamwalkers!


I hope the year 2017 will bring you all the wonderful experiences, adventures and loving lessons that one can need and that it will generally be a good one!

For me personally, 2017 is starting out very very good indeed, because I can now announce a whole host of NEW BANDMEMBERS to you all! As of today, Dreamwalkers Inc is officially an 8(!!!) person live band. Yes, you read it correctly. The band has been strengthened by two guitar players and we found ourselves a new drummer.

We want you to welcome, Kenneth Martens on Drums, Norbert Veenbrink on Guitars and Joey Klerkx on Guitars and Additional Vocals! These guys now complete the line-up and get DWI ready for the electric shows that we are planning right now!

Dreamwalkers Inc - The new line-up in 2017

This weekend we all got together to discuss the future plans, talk about music and things we love and overall enjoy each others’ company. The picture above speaks volumes I would say. 😉 This is proving to become a great working group and above all one in which we all seem to have a lot of fun!

In other news, our label Layered Reality Productions has launched the last TDW album “Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To” to the public through youtube and you can now listen to the 8 song version there and on other streaming music services.

Click the link below to listen to the album in full:

TDW - Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To - Youtube album stream

So yes, the start of 2017 is bringing us good vibes and great things, so here’s to riding a wave of new adventures!

Hope you will all join us in what is to come!

Greetings and all the best,
Tom (TDW)

Preorders for the Antithetic Affiliation are still going and will last till April of 2017! So be sure to get your pre-order copy and goodies before that time.

Get it here now: