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2nd of August 2018 – Happy Little Accidents “Don’t you ever get tired?” – A fan asking me about my workload in general Well… Yes, but I basically bite through it and still get shit done because I am stubborn like that. 😛 So this was quite the eventful set of days. I have been  Continue Reading »

26th of July 2018 – Last time I checked I was still alive… “JESUS CHRISTBALLS IT’S HOT IN HERE” (My inner monologue when walking outside) So yeah, no blog for about a month. I know that I suck at keeping these kind of things updated, but in this case the main reason was not negligence  Continue Reading »

11th of June 2018 – The Mechanics of Pride “It was pride that changed angels into devils; it is humility that makes men as angels” (St Augustine – 345 – 430) Click on the image above to see the aftermovie of Hillsphere’s show at Sugar Factory done on the 8th of June 2018. It’s worth  Continue Reading »

28th of May 2018 – Finally: A facebook hype that I actually approve of. Your face is a facebook hype! (Me – Me) So most of you might know that I am both personally and business-wise active on social media (Mostly Facebook and Instagram and sometimes twitter if I don’t forget!) and I have been  Continue Reading »

24th of May 2018 – All the stuff that happened this week But where is the ambiguity? ..It’s over there in a box! (John Cleese – Monty Python) A thursday blog post for a good reason as today we (finally!) have launched our new vid for the song Happy Day through BlankTV! It’s really cool  Continue Reading »

I wanted to post blog updates on Mondays… Then I got distracted by something important (read: shiny) yesterday. It was all worth it though! 😉

The first entry after a period of relative silence… IT HAS PICTURES!

A story about the how’s and why’s behind the Dirge video. For those who want to dig deeper.

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