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The idea behind the vlog

Tom started making his vlog called the TDW Vlog in 2015. The idea for the vlog came up after making videos for his music under the name of TDW TV years before. However this time around, the idea was to branch out and make this vlog a place in which all sorts of visual creativity is possible. The vlog is meant as a focus on things that Tom likes such as music, movies and videogames that he wants to discuss with the world.

A very important aspect of the vlog is that it serves as a vehicle for Tom’s sense of humor, social commentary and basically all the visual ideas that Tom wants to exploit that are not directly related to the music that was mentioned before.

The Vlog is an open ended thing, so each episode can be an entity in itself, yet it all links up, providing the creator with a brand new canvas of creativity. Serious political rants, fake movie trailers, sock puppets getting blasted in the face with fireballs, videogame/music/movie reviews and interviews and vlogs about festivals and events: EVERYTHING GOES in the TDW Vlog.