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The newest music video

The Days The Clock Stopped Pre-order has started!

As the above stated video implies, the pre-order for the upcoming TDW music album “The Days The Clock Stopped” is starting today! You can now preorder the album and contribute to the production process directly. Multiple tiers have been set up so you can choose how much you want to contribute to this project. Every little bit counts in this process, as this is very much financed by one person (Me) and there’s no massive financial backing from external parties. This pre-order has been setup on the official TDW website so that the money does not go to all sorts of third parties, but is actually ending up where it should be.

Finally, to make this pre-order even more attractive, a stretchgoal has been set at 4500 euros. If this stretchgoal is reached, the album will also be released on double vinyl!!!

I really hope you guys want to help me in making this very personal project come together in the best possible way! Thank you!

Pre-order announcement!

The new album teaser:

“Pure expression through multiple art forms;
Scoring emotions by the day”

Dear weary internet traveller, welcome to my internet domain.

My name is Tom de Wit and I am a musician, director, creative coach, audio/video producer & (web)designer that tries to make his life as creatively challenging and fun as possible. This page serves as a hub and overview of the work that I am involved in as a musician and filmmaker. If you like what I do on here, feel free to follow me on facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIN or consider supporting my cause by buying an album of TDW and/or Dreamwalkers Inc and/or sharing that work with those you love!

I hope you will enjoy your stay!

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