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Dreamwalkers Inc
First Re-Draft

The Antithetic Affiliation

Music To Stand Around…

Scoring emotions by the day

Dear weary internet traveller, welcome to my little internet domain.

My name is Tom de Wit and I am a musician, director, creative coach, audio/video producer & (web)designer that tries to make his life as creatively challenging and fun as possible. This page serves as a hub and overview of the work that I am involved in on the musical, video and design front.

If you like what I do on here, feel free to follow me on facebook, twitter or LinkedIN or consider supporting my cause by buying an album of TDW and/or Dreamwalkers Inc and/or sharing that work with those you love!

Enjoy your stay!

Things I am involved in

Here you can see the musical and creative ventures I am involved in. Click on the logo’s to visit the corresponding websites!

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