Welcome to the new website of TDW music & visions. My name is Tom de Wit and I am a musician, composer, lyricist, producer, director, video-editor, webdesigner and creative coach!

This page is will be continuously under construction and serves as a hub for all the things I am involved in, so if you are interested in what I do, please refer to the links and descriptions below.

I hope you will enjoy browsing this website and feel free to contact me at:
tom (at) tdwmusic.com if you want more information!


TDW is the name under which I release music that is written & produced by myself. The music can be described as a blend between progressive rock, heavy metal & symphonic music combined with whatever musical influences I think can help a song forward.

I started with this musical career in 2004 and have released a steady stream of albums over the years and have been involved in other projects as guest singer, writer and/or performer.

At this moment, Dreamwalkers Inc is performing the TDW music live and a full discography can be found on the Dreamwalkers Inc website as well as music snippets and more.

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Dreamwalkers Inc is the symphonic, progressive metal band that I am the main songwriter, lyricist, frontman and singer for. This band came into existence as an extension of my own music that was released under the TDW name in 2016 and has grown to become it's own live and studio entity.

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The Imagineering Suite

The Imagineering Suite is the studio I have built to produce audio, video and webdesign work in. This studio is available for all sorts of projects for a multitude of clients.

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Layered Reality Productions

Layered Reality Productions is a music label that I founded in 2010 for Progressive, Symphonic and Avant-Garde metal music artists and bands. It started out as an outlet for my own music under the TDW name, but it soon evolved into a bigger entity that now releases music from many artists and bands worldwide.

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