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TDW Promo photo 2021


TDW is not what you think it is. It really is not. It is metal. It is progrock. It is symphonic. It is weird. It is anarchistic. It is clean singing. It is screaming. It is many things. Yet at the end of the day, it’s all those things and not at the same time. It is music. And it’s scoring emotions by the day.

The projects’ name is an abbreviation for the main creator’s name Tom de Wit who is the principle songwriter, singer, producer and content-creator. The music can be described as technical metal with symphonic and avant-garde overtones. Blending a love of progressive rock with modern metal sensibilities and throwing in an orchestra for good measure. The music finds ground between bombastic and dramatic metal outbursts, progressive rock like instrumental sections and intimate, melodic balladry that dives deep into emotional territory. Often accompanied by guests from all over the metal and progrock spectrum, Tom creates songs in which other musicians add their own colors in the form of guitar/keyboard/bass solo’s, choir vocals, and much more.

After 7 full length (sometimes double) albums and 2 EPs, there is no denying that the TDW musical career is a journey in itself. Of course there is a style and distinction to the sound within these records, Tom’s voice and his way of writing songs has a specific color and feel to it, but every album does have an identity and feeling of its own at the same time.

From the open experimentation of ‘Music To Stand Around And Feel Awkward To’ in 2014 to the explosion of contrasts that was 2017’s ‘The Antithetic Affiliation’ to the dark, dramatic personal story that is heard in 2021’s “The Day’s The Clock Stopped”, every album stands on its own legs. Yet even with each album being it’s own journey, every record weaves into a greater musical universe that keeps on giving when one is willing to dive in. And with the upcoming late 2021 album ‘Fountains’, Tom is once again expanding his musical world even further. Touching upon things that are recognizable, but also doing new things in the process.

In the basis TDW was meant to be a writing avenue and studio project at its core. But over time shows have been played where TDW songs were performed live by a band under the name of Dreamwalkers Inc. This band has evolved into it’s own beast now, existing paralel to TDW, making TDW the thing it always has been: A mostly studio based place where Tom de Wit can freely explore all his creative ideas without any musical limits. The future might hold TDW live shows, but time will tell if that happens and when.

What they say

‘If you like even a bit of prog metal, this will please you, too. From the soaring epic bits to heavy riffing, from the subdued sections to the ripping solos, all covered in that melodic, progressive, symphonic gravy. Being thrown off your feet by the breaks and the sheer power of it all. Thank you TDW for this warm welcome for me back into the world of prog metal. It came out at a time I needed this.’
Jerry van Kooten (Dutch Progressive Rock Page)

‘It’s a raw, emotional body of work, where you can hear how much effort and heart has gone into creating it. Don’t be put off by the sheer volume of music on offer – if you’re a fan of adventurous progressive music, you need to experience TDW’s music for yourself and discover some great new prog in the process.’
Matt Spall (Man of Much Metal)

‘Intelligent songwriting and superb musicianship delivered by a talented cast makes this a musical experience that won’t be forgotten anytime soon!’
Martin Hutchinson (Progradar)

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