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Music from albums (spotify stream)

Music Videos

A selection of music videos from songs from TDW albums organized in counter chronological order. All videos lead to the direct youtube links in a new window.

Seperate songs released online

Here you can find a selection of links to my youtube page, where you can listen to these songs for free!

The covers I made

Why do you also make covers and memes?

I had the idea to do covervideos for a longer time (Ever since 2016, I think) and after performing a few re-arranged covers live with the band Dreamwalkers Inc, I figured that it was time to explore this avenue a bit more. So my goal is to launch a video every month around the 20th of said month, with it either being a genre-bending cover song or a meme video put to music.

For me this is all about creating content in a short timeframe and challenging myself to become a better songwriter and producer in the process. You may decide if I succeed in this or not. 🙂 And I of course hope that you will all enjoy the music for that is in the end what this is meant for!

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