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Tom de Wit - Photo by Jim Wilkinson

Questionable answers

Who am I?

An evolving empath. A chronic creator. A talking tornado. An overthinking outlier. A presentable pessimist. An introverted explosion. An extroverted sigh. A social loner.

One of the hardest questions you can ask me, is: ‘Who are you, and what do you do’? I know that that sounds pretentious, but saying who I am is one thing… But saying what I do is another. Because this is what I do.

I … write songs, write lyrics, write stories, write concepts, compose songs, produce songs, mix music, edit music, master music, film things, edit video, write scripts, think of ideas for media productions, make websites, design artwork for artists and bands…

…So when someone asks me what I do, I tend to answer: I am a man that does a lot of things in the media sphere. And that’s the shortest answer I can give right now.

The TDW history

If you want to go the origins of TDW, you have to go way back to 2004. TDW started out as a simple idea. It was to be a name under I, a non experienced musician and writer, wanted to release my music. No matter what the style or form would be it would all fit under the TDW music banner. Nothing would be too crazy or too weird to be called TDW music and that lead to a plethora of album releases that nobody ever heard up until 2008. The first couple of albums were made and produced for the soul purpose of making the work in itself. Sure, there were ambitions, but I felt that the first couple of records entitled First Draft (2004), Up Close and Personal (2006) and a project called Reflection (Which ended up becoming the first proper album later) were not good enough to release worldwide. (Even though back then I probably would have disagreed, but hey, that’s inexperience talking.) However these album processes proved to be vital in finding a musical footing which the rest of the TDW career would be built on. A footing that was rooted in my love for progressive rock, symphonic metal, and a lot of influences from all sorts of genres combined into a whole that sounds like… well, TDW.

It was in 2008, that the first ‘proper’ album was released entitled, The Haunts. This conceptalbum about a highly sensitive individual was the first proper CD release that I created under the TDW banner. This album showcased a musical style that can be described as progressive rock captured in mostly concise songs played with flourishes of metal and symphonic influences. This album sounded far more introverted and had a balanced amount of heavy fast songs as well as real ballads that were driven by voice and piano. This album was released on a very small scale on a label called Nano Records NL and was self-promoted. The reviews that came in were mostly positive and it showed that this music had a place in the world. Even though it still had a long way to go…

(more of this history will be added over time.)

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