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For me, music and visuals go hand in hand, so besides releasing music on albums, EP’s and other physical media, I have been very active creating my own music videos and vlogs on my youtube channel. On this page you can find my most recent video uploads. These songs are either original songs that I made videos too (Which I just want to release to share with the world!) or coversongs in which I take a song I like and change the songs’ feel into something completely different! Hope you all like it!

Original songs I made

The covers I made

Why covers and memes?

I had the idea to do covervideos for a longer time (Ever since 2016, I think) and after performing a few re-arranged covers live with the band Dreamwalkers Inc, I figured that it was time to explore this avenue a bit more. So my goal is to launch a video every month around the 20th of said month, with it either being a genre-bending cover song or a meme video put to music.

For me this is all about creating content in a short timeframe and challenging myself to become a better songwriter and producer in the process. You may decide if I succeed in this or not. ūüôā And I of course hope that you will all enjoy the music for that is in the end what this is meant for!

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